Academic Talks

Nov 2021
DAMUTA: Dirichlet allocation of mutations as a function of both damage and DNA repair Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Meeting: Genome Informatics
Selected Talk
Jan 2020
TrackSigFreq: subclonal reconstructions based on mutation signatures and allele frequencies Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing
Selected Talk, Poster

Guest Lectures

Mar 2023
Guest lecture for the AI & Data Science Post-Graduate Program, invited by Prof. Peter Papadakos
Feb 2022
Guest lecture for the PRISM undergraduate research program, invited by Prof. Sadia Sharmin
Jan 2020
Environmental & Life Sciences Workshop Series STEMHub Foundation
Invited workshop series
Jan 2020
R for bioinformatics Global Society for Genetics and Genome Biology
Invited workshop

Other Talks

Oct 2022
Finding the ā€˜Iā€™ in science ACM Canadian Celebration of  Women in Computing
Selected Workshop
Feb 2020
Undergraduate research opportunities: how to find them and make them work for you UofT Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Student Union
Invited Talk
May 2019
How to hack your degree Computer Science Student Union, University of Toronto
Invited Talk